Mining Operations

Perry Kotsopoulos is the co-Founder of Afcan Holdings Limited and brings over 20 years of operating experience in Africa. He was actively part of the management team overseeing the mining operations since 2006

His extensive network of global investmemt partners have placed Afcanholdings at the forefront of mineral asset development in Africa and beyond.

After receiving their Mining and Exploration License, AFCAN Holdings began acquiring a number of properties in the Kono region of Sierra Leone. In early 2007 a sampling program of its properties near the town of Begbema commenced. AFCAN Holdings then expanded its operation by purchasing earth moving equipment including mineral processing plants with a 100 tonne per/hr material processing capacity. Since that time AFCAN Holdings has been aggressively acquiring additional mining plots through out the Kono region. AFCAN Holdings is also in negotiations with the Government of Sierra Leone in acquiring Dredging Licenses in Kono.

In February of 2011, AFCAN Holdings negotiated a joint mining venture with Savanna Eng to exploit its Bagbema and Bongema properties. In 2012, Savannah Eng shipped additional mineral processing equipment which will be put into operations in early 2013.

Afcan Properties currently in production

Bagbema AFCAN Holdings is currently mining properties in the town of Begbema and has increased its processing capabilities.

Bongema AFCAN Holdings has acquired more than 30 mining plots with options for additional plots in areas whose potential is proven. Sampling programs began in early 2010, in 2011 AFCAN Holdings entered into a Joint venture with Savanna Eng, Operations will begin in January 2013. Properties in Development

Diamond Mining Projects Yamandu Sites, Sandor Chiefdom, Kono District Sandia Sites, Nimiyima Chiefdom, Kono District Njala-Kunukoro Sites, Nimiyama Chiefdom, Kono District

Gold Mining Projects Mabonto, Kafe-Simiria Chiefdom, Tonkolili District Sanduru, Penguya Chiefdom, Kailahun District Sowa Chiefdom, Kono District Gbane