Gallery with Carousel
Gallery with Carousel - Autoplay
Gallery with Carousel - Caption - Loop
Gallery with Carousel - 2 Row at Once
Feature Box with Carousel - No Loop
Feature Box with Carousel - Loop

Apply .has-carousel class to enable carousel.
Addtionally use data-items="4" for how many item visible, data-delay="4000" for time out when carousel autoplay, data-auto="1" for autoplay enable, data-loop="1" for loop carousel, data-dots="1" for visible dots navigation, data-navs="1" for visible next/prev arrow and also data-margin="30" to control margin.

<ul class="gallery-list has-carousel" data-items="4" data-navs="1" data-margin="30" data-auto="1"> 
   <li> </li>
   <li> </li> 

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